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Teacher Training Script 2016


Training Exercise – Close your eyes

How many veteran teachers do we have? Who has the most years?

Brand new teachers?

Staff Development GIF

Professional Development

Kinda like Moneyball quote: Billy Beane: Would you rather get one shot in the head or five in the chest and bleed to death?

Peter Brand: Are those my only two options?

My father in law once told me when he stood in front of his staff here at Konawa he would tell them “I do feel a little like Liz Taylor’s 8th husband on their wedding night. I know what to do but I’m not sure this will be very exciting for you. But I’m sure gonna try.”




I’m here to help you develop your teacher webpage. I am not fluent in Geek yet.

So with that, let’s take a look at some teacher webpages, beginning with the one I developed from my own Principals page at Silo and since working at Gabbart.      Click on Elementary, then Mike Palmer

Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Content Area

Left Sidebar = Slideshow, Twitter Feed, Navigation (my pages that I’ve created), Contact info, Google Safe Search, Weather

Right Sidebar = E-Note Signup, Countdown timers, Web Poll, Announcement/Video, Quick Links

Content Area =


Teachers Doing It Right! Page

Coaches? Right side bar click on Paris Football, Muskogee

FFA? Stillwater FFA

Band? Pride Of Durant


Iframe page

Form page …. Baseball Camp Application


Let’s all login

Important updates, Webinars


Training Videos

Need Help?  We pride ourselves in support. We have a great support system. You can call us 6 days a week from 8am-9pm. We have gotten calls at 11:00 at night. Put us in as Website Guy. Don’t Mike Palmer. We don’t want your spouse going through your phone going who is this. Mike from Gabbart? Why yes I do wear khaki’s and a blue polo shirt.  

If you are working more than 10 minutes a week on your website, you’re doing it wrong or an overachiever. If you are stuck and can’t figure something out in 4-5 minutes, call us, send in a support ticket. Don’t be afraid to call on us.

Support tab

Contact trainer

Browser check

Back to site, Buttons at top of page

Edit this page

Control Panel 1. Help Center    2. Manage Your Profile   3. Academic Standards   4. Statistics

Messaging   1. E-Notes Lite       

Sidebar Modules – Sidebar Layouts – Manage Modules – Drop drown – Enotes signup – save – move

Have teachers sign up on my page. Demonstrate sending enote

File Cabinet

Click on your name – back to site – edit this page

Three button at top

Demonstrate text editor  UPDATE button





Color picker / palette


Hid page navigation at bottom of page

Lesson Plans. LP are important for students and parents. Proven that test scores and grades increase when parents access this feature.

Add a page – Assignments / Homework / Lesson plans

Page Stack


Create Announcement

Calendar an event

Web Poll

Countdown Timer


 Kid President Video